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Endoscopy Helps To Diagnose Issues in Digestive Tract

Endoscopy refers to the examination of digestive tract to understand stomach aches and related health issues. It’s a non-surgical method performed with a special instrument called an endoscope. The equipment comes in the shape of a cylindrical flexible tube attached with a camera and a light source. To perform endoscopy in redding, the doctors insert the tube in the body of the patient and the attached camera captures the picture of the affected area. These recordings are displayed on a monitor to help the doctors diagnose the problem. Endoscopy is mostly performed by gastroenterologists.

Your doctor is most likely to suggest an endoscopic examination if you observe any of these following symptoms:-

Major types of endoscopy-

Endoscopy covers a wide range of related procedures. The most important endoscopy redding procedures are-

Endoscopy is a safe procedure and is performed with anesthesia. The complication rates with most endoscopic procedures include bleeding, perforation and aspiration pneumonia. Please inform your doctor if you encounter the following symptoms after an endoscopic procedure-

Final words:

Always remember to consult a gastroenterologist when you are recommended an endoscopy test. According to studies, gastroenterologists are more accurate with polyp detection and more knowledgeable on endoscopic procedures. Those who specialize as Gastroenterologists are required to take a 3-year-long fellowship. It’s good if your chosen gastroenterologist is Board Certified in Gastroenterology. Don’t just settle with the first doctor you come across. Get a comparative study on at least 3-4 doctors beforehand. Look for a seasoned and board certified doctor with years of experience in endoscopy. Don’t forget to check patient testimonials to understand their experiences with your chosen doctor.

Common Gi Illness Case Studies

The following six case studies are real patients who have benefited from getting their care at Redding Gastroenterology. They all had significant health problems related to gastroenterology which were affecting their quality of life. They sought clinical attention with initial consultation with Dr Paramvir Singh followed by diagnostic endoscopy/colonoscopy leading to the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment. All patients have improved well after treatment. Their identities have obviously been withheld for privacy purposes.

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