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Mrs D.T is a healthy 45 year old woman who has been passing fresh blood after a bowel movement for last 1 year.  This was initially very occasional and now for last 3 months or so, it is more frequent.  She describes the blood as bright red in color and sees a 'flash in the pan'  after passing a stool.  There is no pain in her abdomen or the rectum.  Her stools are occasionally 'hard' and she has to strain on several occasions.  She has a busy work schedule and works as a saleswoman and travels a lot.  Her diet is therefore very erratic and recently she has been unable to exercise regularly.  A colonoscopy was done to investigate the source of bleeding and see if this could be a cancer of the colon.  The procedure revealed large 'internal hemorrhoids' which were actively bleeding.  The bleeding was controlled by injection of a medication into the hemorrhoids called a sclerosant.  She was treated with a hemorrhoidal cream and stool softeners and told to increase the amounts of fiber in her diet and to regularly exercise to prevent constipation.  With the above treatment, she has done well.  Hemorrhoids can be internal or external or both.  They are basically engorged veins in the lower rectum.  Straining while passing a hard stool causes them to burst open and bleed.   Since the bleeding is at the entrance of the rectum, the blood does not get much time to change it's color and therefore appears fresh in color.  However, especially above the age of 40, any rectal bleeding should be investigated by a colonoscopy to rule out other causes of bleeding like cancer.  Hemorrhoids if small can be managed medically by using laxatives and rectal ointments.  If they do not improve, the options are endoscopic sclerotherapy at colonoscopy or surgical treatment(stapling or hemorrhoidectomy). If you wish to learn more or get Hemorrhoid Removal in Redding then please contact us.

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